TEAMS Design Stuttgart offers two rounds of 6-month internship in a year, starting in March and September. These rounds of internship last for a period of 6 months.

Please note, this internship applies to those that do require an internship as part of a study program, and that we can only accept applications from EU citizens.

Let's get to know each other!


TEAMS is a global design firm specializing in product-oriented brand development in the areas of strategic innovation, user experience design, industrial design and brand communication.


The studio is located just outside of Stuttgart in Esslingen. The studio itself is located in a beautiful loft with a marvelous view of the town and the surrounding vineyards. Our state-of-the-art facilities are something we’re particularly proud of. With our in-house capabilities, we’re serving a great variety of international clients. But what’s most important to us is our people. With designers, engineers, strategists, and communication experts – our teamwork approach makes every day a rewarding adventure. So you can expect lean structures, highly skilled experts, and motivated talents.  


Product design interns at TEAMS Esslingen perform a wide variety of tasks. From rendering animations to participating in brainstorms, our interns are immersed in our fast-paced work and studio culture. At TEAMS you are an integral part of our daily exchange.


Show us your process and storytelling ability. We want to see finished examples of your work, but it's just as important to see rough sketches that demonstrate your design thinking.


Interested in joining the team? Send to the email address [email protected]:


  • A complete portfolio that doesn't just show final products, but a start-to-finish process that maps out the thinking, decision making, and development behind each project.
  • Sketches that show how you think things through on paper as well as mock-ups must be included as part of your design thinking.
  • Resumé.
  • Cover letter (this can be the body of your email or attached separately)


Please apply via email only. No phone calls, please. You will hear from us, but we'd appreciate your patience due to the number of applicants. Thank you.

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