Our global team worked beyond the nation's borders to conduct research data in local hospitals.

We were driven to create a device that would hold up to heavy traffic. The ease of maintenance and simplified usability of each product's most common functions became our guiding principles.
United imaging X-Ray console

Worldwide project research

In order to find out how medical imaging experiences could be improved, our research teams set out to observe local hospitals not only in China but also in the United States and Germany. Insights led to faster and more efficient solutions for both patients and clinical staff.

United imagine X-ray and magnetic resonance units

“One of the major discoveries? The equipment in China was being used at much higher rates – with a much larger daily number of patients than our western counterparts.

We also noticed that the patients didn’t always feel at ease or comfortable during the processes."

Luo An, President TEAMS Asia-Pacific.

Smartphone aesthetic

With flat surfaces and intuitive operation panels, the new brand language embodies the same principles as today's digital devices. Inherently, these are designed for constant and daily use.

We set out a global and interdisciplinary to upgrade and improve United Imaging's medical imaging experiences. 

The result has been a market success which has put them on the map as one of the top medical companies in the world.
Detail shot head coil
Detail shot motor
Detail shot buttons