Newest addition to the product portfolio is the MMS INSPECTION DFT,

a mobile and connected measuring device specifically designed for harsh environments and diverse applications.
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Fischer GmbH is a leading player in high-precision surface testing and has been developing measuring instruments for coating thickness, material analysis, and materials testing for the industry and laboratories since 1953.


Based on our multidisciplinary approach, we streamlined the inspection process for both users and operators and redesigned and updated the device with innovative functionalities to improve the overall handling and user experience.

We developed a new concept of a measuring instrument that incorporates the latest technology and focuses on the user experience for Helmut Fischer.


The user interface is intuitive: guided navigation through calibration, measurement, and report generation functions makes operation extremely simple. USB connectivity allows for fast data transfer while direct monitoring of tolerance limits is indicated using lights, sounds, and vibration. The display automatically rotates to make reading measurements easy from any angle.