There's no limit to the creativity shaping our homes. AWE continues its status as one of the top three global industry exhibitions. It spotlights

scenario-based smart homes and current trends like personalized solutions, maximum comfort, and eco-awareness. 

Integrated individuality

Home design is becoming more tailored to individual preferences, with appliances blending seamlessly into interiors. Smart home gadgets are getting smarter, enhancing convenience. 


Brands are focusing more on making their products look and feel good. 

Brand identity boom

Brands worldwide, from international giants to local players, are investing more in their products' Color, Material, and Finish (CMF) aspects, emphasizing aesthetics and functionality. 


Notably, more and more Chinese brands are establishing visual brand languages that express their unique brand values and resonate with consumers. 


Yin and Yang 

While white continues to signify cleanliness and hygiene, darker tones like black are gaining popularity, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication. 

Matte motion

Matte finishes remain a staple for a modern aesthetic.


Perception to cognition

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly advanced, providing greater convenience and comfort to homeowners. 


Modern appliances and electronics incorporate AI technologies like AIGC and large-scale AI models. There is a clear trend towards AI-integrated appliances, which are more proactive and intelligent than traditional smart devices.


This development represents a shift from reactive to proactive services and a move from perception-based to cognition-based solutions.


Sabat graphic piece

Merging Physical and Digital Interfaces


The fusion of physical knobs for essential functions, like program selection in washing machines, with digital interfaces ensures both intuitive usability and the flexibility to scale displays and add extra features.

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