Since the 80s' we decode the new. In every aspect and part of STILL's cohesive portfolio. Over the decades, we translated relevant topics and needs of society, economy, and technology into visionary design concepts and realized product families and systems along the way.

KION group as a pioneer

More and more factories are joining the fourth industrial revolution. They will exist within an utterly networked environment, where the use of data streams enables automatic, flexible, and individual generation of products. Supply chain und intralogistic processes will become even more precise due to the self-learning algorithms. Intelligent control systems will reduce energy and material consumption. 

From workshop to strategic alliance

Today, our projects include a joint strategic alliance in the world market of intralogistics beyond product development - we discover new processes from within and deliver visionary roadmaps for intelligent management of material handling equipment, including software, and service features.


We are insiders and have interacted with every aspect of the brand, products families, sales strategy to scientific concept cars such as the infamous CubeXX. Our large-scale UX methods sustain the development of upcoming trends throughout business sectors. We interconnect every design concept with an interactive, digital counterpart – allowing STILL to expand their market share continuously.