Understanding users, developing unique solutions and implementing them with high technical expertise. What started in 1957 with the first ergonomically designed power tool with plastic housing, yielded our long-term partnership and expansion throughout many business sectors of the Bosch Group.

Factory Automation

Professional Audio

Professional Power Tools

Thermo Technology

Manufacturing Solutions

Security & Safety Systems

Automotive Diagnostics

Professional Measuring Instruments

Precision Farming

Over sixty consecutive years of collaboration with Bosch taught us something integral: how a brand responds to current and upcoming trends, is the essence to corporate strategic innovation. The joy-of-use experience, products need to reflect the everchanging needs of users, markets & technologies, from an international perspective.

Pole position through user-centricity

Our product design has left an imprint on the market. The success of Bosch, the distinctiveness of the visual brand language and the innovation in each portfolio are a reflection of the advantages that stem from our strategic partnership. Side by side, we set trends and benchmark the way for competitors.


Bosch products are and continue to be one of our most passionate investments in the development of a visual brand language, brand experience design and conceptual design.

Setting standards in design

What makes our approach exceptional is the continuous exchange between our global studios in Europe, the United States and Asia. For Bosch we have researched, enriched and inspired markets, developed new methods and broke new ground.


We set all-sector standards in design, ergonomics and usability, that enable brilliant product adaptations to regional user requirements in global markets.

We combine decades in design and UX and it's our mission to achieve the best solutions together with our clients – in a constructive and highly efficient way.