Siemens and TEAMS have partnered to ensure a unified visual appearance for their e-charging systems portfolio. 

The design? Bold. And highly adaptable, easily integrates into any environment and purpose.

Discover all sides of SICHARGE D:

Explore in 3D and with Augmented Reality

Visually striking, highly customizable: Siemens SICHARGE portfolio.

E-mobility creates a hyperdynamic environment and many new business opportunities for all kind of product developments in a vastly expanding market. And it constantly demands new answers from those, who play a pioneering role in it, like Siemens.

SICHARGE D Family – the new era of flexible high power charging

SICHARGE UC Family – flexible and robust charging solution for commercial vehicles

Siemens automated charging system – artificial intelligence at the charging port

Siemens invests in WiTricity to advance wireless charging for electric vehicles.

The collaboration on this series of charger families, reaffirms Siemens' position as an innovation leader in e-mobility.