Our History.

As a design company, TEAMS has existed for almost 70 years. We’ve seen decades come and go, and are always on the cutting edge of what it means to be innovative at any time.

Our mission

of innovation

Our mission is to create sustainable solutions for a better life for everyone. Our goal is to provide solutions that matter and to realise their full potential. We exist to inspire people with the everyday, every day. We do this by striving to understand and reflect needs and desires equally, to collaborate on a personal eye to eye level, and by building a creative and diverse global team. That’s what we see as the keys to long-term success from which people, brands and products all benefit.

Leadership at TEAMS

An Luo 

President Studio Shanghai

Hans-Peter Aglassinger 

Managing Partner Studio Stuttgart

Klaus Baumgartner

Managing Partner Studio Stuttgart

Luo An, TEAMS Shanghai president

Ulrich Schweig

Managing Partner Studio Hamburg

Andreas Bell 

President Studio Chicago

Aleksandar Mikan

Director/Partner Belgrade

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Prestigious Design Awards

The TEAMS' Design Story.

From 1956 to now.
Ritter kettle

1954 – A novel kettle shape transforms the industry for Ritter. Sold 850.000 times.

First Bosch power drill system

1957 – First power drill system for Bosch.

Edding 1700

1963 – First stationary high pressure cleaners for Kärcher. Design spills over into technical products.

Edding 1700

1975 – The Edding 1700 becomes a bestseller thanks to its corn-yellow color and perfect writing properties.

Ikonette plastic camera

1956 – Zeiss Ikonette. The first 35 mm camera made of plastic – still sold today.

Leifheit rotaro

1958 – Progress "Super 90", vacuum cleaner, corpus made out of plastic for the first time.

Leifheit rotaro

1961 – LEIFHEIT Rotaro. One of the most sold carpet sweepers in Germany. The claim? "Do you also have as much free time as I do?"

Silit pressure cooker

1975 – Sicomatic-S for SILIT was the world’s first pressure cooker with cooking regulator in the handle.

1956 - 1975

Design in every day objects

During Germany’s economic wonder, one bold step, made by Hans Erich Slany, stemming from a passion for solving problems, set the basis for the identity of our design agency. TEAMS from the beginning established that products must be rethought and redesigned to put use, ergonomics & aesthetics at the focus of everyday objects, providing design as added value.
That has been our guiding mission from the beginning, transforming brands into the world famous icons that they are today.

H.E. Slany & colleagues

1975 – Josef Pittner, Helmut Scholz, H.E. Slany, Hartmut Hamm and Klaus Schön. Slany Design office, Esslingen.

1975 - 1990

The new economy

Design, technology & consolidated markets generate new economies & fields of application for design, services & products that were not existing before. From the purely physical, to digital touchpoints of interaction. Design was established as a fixed factor of product quality and influenced trendwise the way products were marketed.

The TEAMS mindset of strategic design to guide brands from focussing on a single product to precise knowledge of complex development processes from idea to realization. TEAMS adapts its services to the new tasks and grows up to 20 people in 1990.

1972 – TV camera for Bosch, used to film the Olympic Games in Munich.

Bauer super-8 camera

1980 – Bauer Super-8 cine camera A 512 for Bosch Photokino. The world’s best-selling amateur camera.

Bauer super-8 camera

1982 – Silit golden cooking pot for the store window to attract people into the store.

KCM 318 wearable TV camera - Bosch

1985 – Bosch KCM 318 TV camera created with a collar-like frame to rest on both shoulders to protect back pain.

Kaercher HD 555

1979 – Leitz Briefkorb 5220. More than two decades hole punches, standing file holders, stackable letter trays, and much more were designed.

Kaercher HD 555

1980 – HD 555 Profi for Kärcher, the first portable pressure washer, and the associated opening of Kärcher’s end consumer market.

Weishaupt Heating system - 1987

1987 – First compact, long lasting, lighter weight and space saving heating system for Weishaupt.

H.E. Slany with his colleagues Hans-Peter Aglassinger, Klaus Schön und Reinhard Renner

1989 – H.E. Slany with his colleagues Hans-Peter Aglassinger, Klaus Schön and Reinhard Renner. Slany Design Team office, Esslingen.

1990 – Insulated thermal vacuum jug Columbus for LEIFHEIT. The first jug with a one-hand dosing button. Exhibited at the MoMA.

Kärcher RC 3000

2002 – Kärcher RC 3000 was a robotic vacuum cleaner with a self-service station to keep the robot running for longer periods of time.

Bosch IXO

2003 – Soehnle wireless scale.

Intel classmate

2006 – CLAAS with first digital state-of-the-art cockpit and user control unit called „cebis mobile claas“ 

Intel classmate

2010 – Convertible Classmate PC for Intel. A laptop for kids that converts instantly from a clamshell to a tablet PC.

STILL RXX concept vehicle

1998 – STILL RXX electric truck concept vehicle exhibited at the Hannover Tradeshow in Germany.

STILL RXX concept vehicle

2001 – The design of a very flat hole punch for the briefcase in 1972 marked the beginning of the collaboration with Leitz and led to an evolution of hole punchers.

Bosch IXO

2003 – Bosch IXO, the world’s first power tool with a lithium-ion battery revolutionized the market. Sold more than 18 million times.

House of Marley's Destiny headphones

2006 – Siemens wall controller: first generation of a whole range of different products with the same design. 

1990 - 2010

The connected world

In the 1990s, the world experienced a major change, as the internet begins to boom. More users get connected online, new business models take form in an open global economy. This generates the need to rethink products and services for a global economy.

It requires specialized knowledge of how to bring products into any country, and inspired TEAMS to open new studios all around the globe in Chicago, Belgrade, Shanghai and Hamburg to meet new product & service expansion. TEAMS widens its portfolio with consumer testing, engineering, production support, and grows to 80 people.

TEAMS Design locations

TEAMS Design becomes a global design agency by the end of the 90's. Displayed in the image: The Hamburg, Stuttgart, Shanghai and Chicago studios.

2010 - 2025

From physical products to digital experiences

As a new digital dimension augments our lives, objects and services that used to be physically produced and marketed are either virtually experienced or left in the past, changing the meaning of design thoroughly towards strategic, multidisciplinary guidance. 

We see ourselves as a global team collaborating on the base of strategic partnership with one studio, clients have access to a global design and strategy expertise. Hence the majority of our projects deal with global products and brands.

STILL Cube xx

2011 – STILL CubeXX created as a vision for the future of intralogistics in the forklift market.

Bosch Dicentis

2013 – With the software solution Werum PAS-X MES the company offers the world’s leading Manufacturing Execution System to digitize pharma, biotech and cell & gene factories.

Bosch Dicentis

2015 – Dicentis conference system for Bosch Security Systems. A revolutionary IP-based platform for integrated conferencing.

Rexroth Cobots

2019 – Rexroth Cobots. Active shuttles and APAS-Assistants for the industry 4.0. Exhibited at the Hannover Tradeshow.

2011 – X-Ray unit: a market success which has put United Imaging on the map as one of the top medical companies in the world.

P-care nursing robot

2018 – P-Care, created for nursing and care services, especially of elderly patients in China.

Dräger Regard 3000

2021 – Dräger REGARD® 3000. A gas detector with advanced usability for the industry 4.0.

Digital experiences throughout all TEAMS locations.

2025 - 2050

Dematerialization is taking over.

Our proven strengths in leading innovative ideas to products, systems, and services of global scale is now shaping how we guide brands & products to think and evolve digitally.