The bicycle industry is on the move, and Eurobike is at the forefront of this exciting journey in driving the transition towards micro, cargo and lightweight electric mobility and e-bikes.

Here are some of our impressions.

Eurobike 2023 has made its mark in Frankfurt! In its second edition at the new location, the event has surpassed expectations by attracting more visitors and featuring the latest trends, sustainable concepts, and progressive ideas. But amid these exciting developments, the bike industry is grappling with challenges. The aftermath of the pandemic, unpredictable buying behavior in uncertain economic times, and concerns about overstocking have led to a decline in dealer attendance.

Despite these hurdles, this year's optimistic and resolute atmosphere sends a powerful signal. The theme "Hello Future" resonated with tens of thousands of visitors, generating great enthusiasm and setting the stage for a brighter future in sustainable transportation.

Unparalleled performance meets seamless integration

This compact, next-gen system combines a powerful electric motor, Pinion's renowned gearbox technology, and an electric shifting system of up to 12 gears.


Exactly one year ago, Schwalbe introduced their "Recycling System", the world's first material recycling process for used bicycle tires. This year  the cycle is officially closed: The new "SCHWALBE GREEN MARATHON" exclusively incorporates recovered Carbon Black (rCB) from the pyrolytic recycling of used tires, an achievement that has earned the prestigious "Green Award".

MAGURA – "Combined Braking System"

The "Combined Braking System" (CBS) study demonstrates its effectiveness in assisting inexperienced riders in utilizing both brakes simultaneously, thus reducing braking distance, leading to around a 40% reduction in braking distance compared to using only the rear brake (on dry roads).

Bosch Performance SX 

A new compact motor designed for light E-MTBs, E-Gravel, and urban e-bikes. Weighing just 2 kilograms, it delivers up to 55 Nm of torque and 600 W of power, creating an exciting uphill flow.


Superior iXF 9.8 – new brand, new bike! Czech bike manufacturer Superior takes the Light E-MTB segment by storm. With a elegant carbon frame, the novel light-weight, yet powerful Bosch Performance Line SX motor and DT Swiss suspension (150mm front, 140mm rear), this ride is made for singletrails.

Sabat graphic piece

Plant-based revolution: Ossby Geo

This is new! Plant-based eBike that folds in just one second. Crafted from vegetable resins and recycled fibers, this eco-friendly model is designed and manufactured in Spain, with support from a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

An impressive little two-wheeler: with high-performance hydraulic brakes, a rear LED light for enhanced safety, and an exclusive app for added convenience. With its powerful 250W Bluetooth motor, it offers a range of up to 50km and much more.

A work of art – Quirk Durmitor

This meticulously crafted road bike features a timeless geometry and a mesmerizing Kintsugi-inspired finish, exclusively hand-painted by the talented artists at Velofique.


These children's bikes feature integrated rear lights and reflective spots for enhanced visibility and safety in all conditions. With customizable options and school-ready features, the carbon-polyamide frame also serves as a platform concept. It can be customized with either a chain or belt drive or even converted into an e-bike.

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