Intel approached us to collaborate on an affordable, portable tablet designed for young students. We did our homework. The Classmate PC collection exceeded sales predictions, was awarded numerous times and still remains part of their product portfolio.

Redefinition of edutainment

We envisioned the Classmate PCs as portable netbooks with an integrated pen, attachable lenses and sensors, and a drop-resistant casing. 


The design solution? A curved, rubberized surface with an irregular thickness of TPU soft material wraps up the whole device with air-cell protected big ratio corners and provides a solid groundwork for a robust design.


The swiveling monitor of the convertible Classmate PC morphs from laptop to tablet, providing even more creative freedom and interactive inspiration while ergonomic hotkeys link hardwired actions with software applications.



Convertible, multi-purpose and detachable

One of the keys to this design was the cover; it provides a soft handle that can hook to the back of a bike or fold away in a backpack, but it is also easily replaceable.

After our initial briefing, we had to talk to the most critical stakeholders first: young students and children inside and outside of their classrooms around the world.

How are they using a laptop?

How do they treat a laptop?

‣ What is their relationship with technology?

‣ What environment will the laptop be exposed to?

‣ What are their daily routes and habits?

Almost always on the move


Working at their desks, collaborating in groups, moving between classrooms, and traveling between home and school. Instead of a sensitive and intricate device, kids need a multipurpose sturdy companion, they could rely on the daily.