Over 50% of the world's top 30 pharmaceutical and biotech companies use the Werum PAS-X MES. 

With a strong focus on usability and collaboration with Körber since 2013, we are redefining the way pharmaceuticals are produced, setting new standards for excellence.
close up of mobile phone displaying PAS-X MES
Person with a protective overall in a lab stands in front of a device where PAS-X MES is displayed
large screen displaying PAS-X MES in action

Collaborative innovation for superior usability

The Körber PAS-X MES is widely regarded as an "out-of-the-box" solution, offering comprehensive functionality and user-friendly operation. From product development to commercial manufacturing and packaging, it covers all critical lifecycle stages in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Our multifaceted collaboration includes UX, UI, front-end development, concepts of usability, and prototypes to facilitate user testing and necessary improvements, streamlining processes and enhancing the overall experience. 

Driving user centricity in complex processes

One of the primary challenges lies in achieving a balance between the complexity of manufacturing processes and user-friendliness. While usability plays a crucial role, the visual aesthetics and user experience of the system are equally vital for user satisfaction, brand perception, and the system's overall effectiveness. To maintain a competitive edge, the PAS-X MES requires a modern user interface that effectively represents its powerful technology and advanced features.

Maintaining high standards for documenting work processes and delivering optimal software usability necessitates ongoing collaboration with different product units within Körber. By adopting a consistent design approach across all project lines and platforms, we guarantee end-to-end reliability for the brand and its technology.