At TEAMS, we provide solutions that matter.

We deliver lasting success and benefits for people, brands and products alike.

Our interdisciplinary focus to projects revolves around collaboration, with stakeholders, team members and global studios. In our Integrated Design Process, we focus on gaining insights, creating solutions based on these insights, and implementing the solutions into meaningful design, for physical or digital products.

The Integrated Design Process

Gain Insights

UX & Design Research

We gain insights about the users, the products and their handling.

Customer Insights

User Experience Research

Interviews & Inquiries

Customer & User Journeys

Usability Insights

Usability Testing

Ergonomic Insights

Expert Reviews

Product Insights

Product Teardown

Competitor Product Analysis

Create Solutions

Design Strategy

We advise our clients on the insights gained and develop innovative solutions from a user perspective, a brand perspective and a product point of view.

User Focus

User Experience Design

Design Thinking


Brand Focus

Brand Value Transfer

Brand Strategy Design

Visual Brand Language

Product Design

Styling & CMF

Product Strategy

Product Ecosystem

Platforming Concept

Digital Design

Digital Product Strategy

Branded Interaction Design

Digital Concept


Realize & Implement

Design Realization

We develop these solutions into manufacturable results, taking into account technical requirements as well as production and costs aspects.

Product Development

Class A Surfacing

CAD Data Creation

Design Engineering


Digital Development

User Interface Design

Design Systems

Front-End Development

Video & Animation

Video production (Storyboard to final movie)

Product Animation

CGI Renderings

Graphic Services

Styleguide Documentation

Product Communication