Within a year’s development, SCHROTH created a revolutionary novelty with us,

ready to further rise passenger safety standards.

SCHROTH Safety Products, a pioneer in cutting-edge occupant safety and restraint systems, unveiled their innovative SCHROTH-AirPRO at the Aircraft Interiors Expo® in 2022. 

The seatbelt-integrated airbag becomes part of seats next to emergency exits, dividers, and angled business/first-class seats to meet the increased occupant protection requirements in specific seat rows and cabin configurations.

"When working with TEAMS, we were impressed not only by the creative quality of the design, but above all by their project team’s technical competency and their reliable adherence to the project plan. Our customers’ extremely positive reactions have shown us that in TEAMS we selected the right partner for our project."

Martin Nadol, CEO SCHROTH Safety Products

Our task? Accentuating their new airbag technology for commercial aviation and the spirit of innovation into a positive passenger product experience rather than concealing it. The AirPRO creates a very compact, cozy, welcoming, and comfortable travel experience, complying with the most recent FAA and EASA regulations, significantly decreasing head impact, neck damage, rotation, rebound, and chest damage acceleration.

A vital feature for modern airlines

The UX testing revealed that current airbag belt systems appeared too bulky, visually unpleasing, and uncomfortable, leading to a disturbed travel experience and misuse.


At first sight, we achieved a slimming effect through a solid combination of product and softgoods expertise, conveying comfort, lightness, confidence, professionalism, and trust.
But, over and above this, it allows a wide range of options for specific color and material adaptations to seamlessly blend into the respective airline interior.