As early as 1958, Günter Leifheit and his wife, Ingeborg, started to work with us. For decades, the products we designed have been a fixture in households worldwide.

We are still excited about what new products and gadgets this fruitful partnership has in store for us.

Summer season is right around the corner!

We wanted to spiral into it with a convenient manual way of noodle-making: meet our concept of a vegetable spiral-cutter. So we devised a simple to use product, combining usability and functionality, paying close attention to manual ergonomics. The knob element can be inserted and pulled out quickly. The finger guard ensures safe operation and practical vegetable processing.

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Leifheit: The Vino Royal.

A demonstration, that a corkscrew can be more than just a corkscrew: sometimes it's the little things that enrich our lifestyles.


Together with Leifheit we designed this contemporary gadget with a well thought out mechanism:
The helix of the Vino Royal has a Teflon coating and a specially ground tip, allowing it to glide smoothly into a cork. With two movable legs it adapts easily to any bottle neck size so that the helix can glide and retract the cork centrally. No effort, effective and stylish.