Agriculture is built on relationships, and so is the success of a manufacturer within this market. How do we as designers contribute to reinforcing this connection and making future progress?

Patented revolution

Relocating the twine box from a dirty interior of the machine to a door-in-door solution, enables users to exchange yarn much faster and more cleanly in the field.

Through our extensive UX expertise and collaborative efforts with Krone's development team, we were able to not only maximize usability and operational safety, but a patent that changes the agrar-game.

Quality and performance on top, recognizable 24/7. Keeping the brand recognizable from afar, through a dynamic, concise yet iconic design – day and night.

The 3 main elements to design agricultural machinery?

Perfect styling and proportions, uncompromising user experience, and maximum recognizability all orchestrated within the comprehensive system of the visual brand language.


"A visionary understanding of design, a high technical affinity and a sense for details that make a noticeable difference – that's what we particularly value in our collaboration with TEAMS Design Hamburg. We look forward to realizing more exciting projects together."

Berit Marzinzick

Head of Marketing Communications at Krone.