The importance of visualizing products and the stories behind them digitally

is paramount for companies seeking to leave an imprint.

How do you turn pictures into stories?

How do you turn ideas into results?

And how do you ensure that every detail is perfect? 

How can you really understand and interact with what you cannot see?

All of these questions are essential for our creation process at TEAMS. So what exactly does CGI provide, and what are the benefits?

Communicating a product's essence to versatile and international target groups is always challenging, and the risk of misunderstandings or missed messages is very real.


To design a compelling product video, you must thoroughly understand a product, its essence, and the user. With our industrial design roots, we create photorealistic renderings of products using digital 3D data before the making of the first actual prototype.

Using our extensive knowledge, we unified our presentation techniques by setting pre-set camera perspectives, ambient lighting, and materials for product families.


Since the visual material and modification of product configurations or surfaces are reproducible at any time, rendering products creates a new, profitable, and highly immersive playground for our clients.


For us, it's more than just an equivalent to photography.
CGI is a sustainable means of long-term product transformation and visualization, engaging and fostering a full-on visual experience, making it easy to share and articulate. Our renderings are indistinguishable from reality, while animations and motion graphics allow us to demonstrate how the product works and showcase how it will be used in detail.