In the fast-paced and ever-transforming global consumer market, AMBIENTE is at the forefront, showcasing the latest style trends and must-haves for the year. 

In this report edition, we are highlighting some of our style standouts that align with emerging trends for dining, living, decorating and working.

Holistic sustainability: an uncompleted chapter in the industry's current narrative?

In reflection, what were our anticipations, and where did we encounter gaps? 

While present as individual products, sustainability did not take center stage as a holistic commitment across entire collections. The focus on specific sustainable product series highlights a growing emphasis, yet the industry will face the challenge to fully extend this commitment to their whole production. 


The true differentiation lies in promoting specific 'sustainable' products and an overarching dedication to eco-conscious values throughout collections. 

A feast for the eyes

Tone-in-tone remains a crowd favorite. "Scandinavian style" influences, as well as matte finishes predominate and are mixed with neutral hues like black, white, or cork and organic materials like light wood. 

Elevate your 9 to 5!

Mix timeless and stark geometric solutions and simplified and round shapes with pastel hues to bring some brighter spirit to the workspace.

Hauté sweet home

In this field of products, the matte finishes are still predominant, but the shapes – although still minimalistic in general – more often use a playful approach or extraordinary way of re-interpreting our trained way of typical product semantics.


Décor delights