We had a blast at AXPONA, North America's largest event for audio enthusiasts, high-end equipment manufacturers, and music lovers alike - where records were shattered! 

With over 600 audio brands from 50+ countries presented the latest hifi novelties. Let's turn it up, shall we?

Consumer preferences and audio quality serve as driving forces shaping current trends. 

From unobtrusive home audio systems, to bold, statement-making sculptures, consumers are on the lookout for a broad spectrum of options that cater to their individual tastes, needs and ears.

The pursuit of sound perfection


High-end materials and exceptional engineering are the heroes in the quest for superior sound quality.
Notable trends include the usage of cast and machined metal housings, highlighting components like tweeters, woofers, and triodes.


Shaping sound and space with sculptural statements 


Consumers' desire for unique, statement pieces for their home entertainment systems is ever-growing. In addition to curved and provocative surfacing, finishes, and speaker designs that stand out in living spaces, sonic and visual components also contribute to the synesthetic experience.

Seamless and streamlined integration


Another trend revolves around user-centric design, integrating audio devices into contemporary lifestyles. Screens are prominent in this trend, focusing on enhanced usability and simplicity. Wood vinyl finishes lend a natural aesthetic, bringing a sense of warmth and comfort to your space.

An immersive experience on display


Innovative display strategies have the power to transform ordinary spaces into captivating exhibits. Creative backdrops, lighting, and signage create immersive experiences, while minimalistic branding, color-coding, and patterns enhance visual appeal.