With Sivantos, we have not only ushered in a new age of hearing aid systems,

but dispelled prejudices and empowered users for good.

For years, the stigma associated with wearing hearing aids has limited their acceptance, leading millions of hard of hearing individuals to wait too long to seek help. We analyzed the visual associations of current hearing aid systems to overcome this issue. We incorporated user feedback to design the first generation of Styletto.

New Archetype

Unlike traditional hearing aids, Styletto boasts a sleek and modern design that looks more like a fashion accessory than a medical device. It's slim, lightweight, connected, and rechargable.


The outstanding partnership with Sivantos paved the way for a new brand ambassador and an upcoming, entirely new product portfolio. 

Gold Statement, iF Design Award 2019: 

“An important and empowering device gets a strong, bold design. The appearance of this hearing aid communicates a strikingly positive and confident identity. The clarity of execution and the outstanding combination of materials for each element is overtly impressive. The balanced proportions communicate a strong sense of precision and value.”