Reflecting on the vibrant trends showcased at NeoCon 2023 in Chicago, we can draw parallels to our experiences at European trade shows like ISH and Ambiente. 

As the boundaries between design disciplines blur, our homes and workspaces become vessels for self-expression, narratives, and boundless creativity.

Starting with the "bright primaries"

...vibrant and bold, bringing a burst of energy to the show. These hues, reminiscent of primary colors, added a playful and youthful touch to spaces, infusing them with joy and optimism.

... to earthy...

drawing inspiration from the earth's natural palette, the Earthenware color trend embraced warm and natural tones. Rich browns, terracotta, and deep greens evoke a connection to nature, grounding spaces with a comforting and organic feel.

lush landscapes...

...celebrates the beauty of abundant greenery and serene landscapes. Shades of emerald, moss, and forest green created a lush and refreshing ambiance.

... last but not least: muted pastels.


Dusty pinks, soft hues of blue, and light lilacs in delicate tones give off a calming, peaceful surrounding, wrapping spaces in serenity.

Pattern play & texture therapy

The convergence of materials, surfaces, patterns, and textures reveal a global movement toward creating beautiful spaces that evoke emotions, foster comfort, and celebrate individuality.  Paintings & murals act as statements of artistry and individuality, texture to add depth and comfort through textiles and wood grain, maximalist geometry with bold and nostalgic patterns for vibrant pops of color, and translucency representing a futuristic aesthetic and technological optimism with iridescent and reflective surfaces. 

Biophilia in your living room

The interior design industry is undergoing a visible evolution, driven by the global commitment to sustainability and responsible practices. From repurposing materials to creating biobased alternatives, designers and brands are reshaping the landscape of interior design. By embracing nature-inspired aesthetics, repurposing post-consumer waste, the industry is not only creating visually stunning spaces but also making a positive impact on the environment. As we navigate this transformative journey, the convergence of global trends showcased at events like NeoCon, ISH, and Ambiente reminds us of the universal desire to create captivating, sustainable, and emotionally resonant spaces.