Active Shuttle with advanced interaction.

Rexroth has embarked on their next chapter of autonomous vehicles with TEAMS.

In a seamless, fast-paced exchange, both the product design and user interface of the ActiveShuttle were updated to include new, innovative functionalities and to further enhance the user experience.

A touchscreen, as well as additional features, have now been incorporated allowing employees to interact with the vehicle; easy and convenient. The dynamic yet calm appearance blends into the 4.0 production landscape while exuding Rexroth's brand values perfectly.

Ready for the future

We are all part of the global digital revolution, and it is our responsibility as designers to ensure the human factor within. Together with Bosch Rexroth, we share the same vision of an intelligent, collaborative, and empathic factory of the future, where trustful interactions path the way to new performances.

These APAS-Assistants cobots collaborate with intelligent, networked workstations at which employees are interactively coached through the assembly process.

Our long-term partner Rexroth has embarked on their next chapter of autonomous vehicles and was honored with the "Best Product 2022" award at the LogiMAT. The ActiveShuttle thoroughly convinced the independent jury in the category "order picking, conveying lifting and storage technology".