The unofficial underlying theme of this year's AGRITECHNICA, which finally returned after a four-year hiatus, is crystal clear: 

there's no stopping agriculture innovation from getting bigger, faster and smarter. Welcome to our report.

Nexat curated a captivating experience for the impressive 14-meter-wide harvester with remarkable sound and multiple screens.

We witnessed a breakthrough at the exhibition with the introduction of several battery-powered tractors, including the impressive Onox. The first e-tractor concepts are promising, but there are only a few and smaller models on the market at the moment.

Precision Farming significantly improves efficiency with updated localization capabilities (Ultra-Precise GPS), sensors, camera systems, and evaluation algorithms.

Cultivating tomorrow

AGRITECHNICA 2023 was all about the colossal machinery, with the audience undeniably drawn to the largest machines on display. In the realm of agricultural status symbols, tractors maintained their allure, blending performance-oriented design with intelligent features seamlessly. 


Breaking free from the traditional notion of being challenging to electrify, the industry proudly showcased a series of battery-operated tractors, marking a notable stride toward sustainable farming practices.


Within the realm of precision farming and the usage of fertilizers and pesticides two questions arise: Could this mark the end of monocultures and mega fields? Can mixed crops be treated more sustainably?

Navigating digital frontiers in agriculture

Digitalisation, AI and future themes

As the curtains of digitalization and AI were drawn, future themes found themselves somewhat overshadowed.

Gravitating predominantly towards self-driving tractors, while a select few ventured into AI experimentation, introducing apps designed to assess fertilizer spreader settings through pattern analysis.


Digital innovations will profoundly impact tomorrow's farming machines, but capturing their intangible essence is challenging. We encountered a wealth of animated diagrams and video clips at the trade fair. Their primary objective is to demystify the inner workings concealed behind the curtain of algorithms and calibration curves.


The quest for the driver's role in a semi-automated tractor continues; companies are reimagining the experience and incorporating tasks from physical exercises to email management and process planning while redesigning cockpits with diverse screens and visualizations. 

Picture perfect presentation

AGRITECHNICA 2023 showcased an overwhelming focus on self-driving tractors, leaving us questioning the industry's digital innovation priorities. To combat soil compaction, many turn to track systems, but is this sufficient to drive meaningful sustainability in agriculture? While impressive, the dominance of autonomous vehicles contrasts with the slow integration of fully electric tractors. Are the showcased concepts the real future or just flashy ideas?