A smart solution that can bring perspectives and vision. 2.5 billion people live with poor vision because of their lack access to vision screening.

That's why TEAMS partnered with the optics company Essilor to bring a high level concept to reality.
CGI - two clickcheck devices next to each other
Clickcheck device inside - caleidoscope principle
Clickcheck device inside - caleidoscope principle

Based on the concept of a kaleidoscope and an old-fashioned camera, its tube-like shape transforms a complicated eye exam into an intuitive experience, and evokes curiosity to see clearly. 

TEAMS turned this high level concept into a full-scale DFM development, including production CAD, production drawings, multistage prototyping and testing. Because of this, Essilor has been able to reach billions of underserved communities with the gift of vision.


How it works: The user peers into the device and sees a small eye chart that comes into focus by rotating the dial. The number on the side indicates the strength of glasses they need, giving them the essential piece of information to order glasses.

"Designing for truly unmet needs of people is rewarding by itself.

With Essilor, we meet this challenge with an easy-to-use device that helps improve billions of people’s eyesight."

Andreas Bell, President at TEAMS USA

I can see clearly again.

Chinese elderly woman using glasses
Elderly man using a sewing machine and using glasses

We're honored!

The Click-Check was awarded three IDEA 2020 and is also supported by the iF World Design Guide for its contribution to social issues.