Successful development and an aligned brand DNA across product lines helped the company jump out of the competition.

We created a two-pronged approach: innovating the machines to add more differentiation in Asia’s saturated market, while at the same time moving the company into the ranks of globally-recognized brands with a 360° brand experience.

Getting to the bottom of the stitch. For three months, our UX experts and designers visited factories, tested machines, and uncovered insights at all levels of the business by talking to marketing, engineering, dealers, and buyers.

Jack sewing machines

Reinventing the machine and its product language

To play into bond with the user, we began to incorporate animal-like features that would help further enhance the connection to the machine’s personality and the experience of working with it. In JACK’s case, we selected eagle-like attributes – including quickness, strength, and dexterity.

"TEAMS has planted a unique gene into JACK sewing machines, giving the brand a new language that resonates with consumers."

Jixiang Ruan

President JACK Sewing Machine China

Data integration across processes has transformed traditional factories into smart plants, driven by advanced technologies such as AI and image recognition. Over the past decade, we've improved Jack's product experience and simplified its interaction touchpoints based on user needs and feedback. We introduced a voice function to create a more intuitive sewing machine interface, especially beneficial for less experienced operators. Efficiency is the name of the game in the fast-growing textile sector.