The ODX Design System unifies Dräger's Safety, Medical, and Services business divisions into a centralized brand experience.

The living system acts as a constantly evolving, collaborative basis for software development.

From anesthesia machines to monitoring explosion hazards and gas alarms for the fire department. Our goal was to create a single platform for software development that evolves with Dräger across diverse business divisions – adaptable to every scenario.

Scalability. Building upon ODX, the platform's adaptable components allow for a scalable user experience, accommodating growth and expansion.

Improved Workflow. Designers, developers and product owners can now facilitate effective cross-functional teamwork to create the best possible result.

Consistency. Streamlined usability fosters knowledge transfer and engagement, while reducing the learning curve.

The power of a single source of truth for collaboration

Our approach is user-centric, focusing on accessibility and providing excellent user experiences. Our design system embodies the essence of the Dräger brand, forging a strong bond between the company and everyone involved. The platform streamlines the development process by providing pre-built components and guidelines, reducing redundancies, and accelerating the release of new features.

„Through the unified Digital Dräger Experience, we give the possibility for working more efficiently by creating consistency.“