Partnering with Sabbat allowed us to capture their unique selling points in a bold-face 

brand campaign and a product that embodies freedom of musical choice, identity, and expression.

For leaders, not followers

At TEAMS, we believe every brand has a unique story waiting to be told. Founded in 2016, Sabbat is dedicated to designing and developing wireless Bluetooth headphones that perfect the listening experience for their unique, visually sensitive, and tech-savvy clientele.

We chose a hybrid brand setup to deal with the relationship between the Sabbat Jetpods and a new experience for the parent brand. This way, the brand is able to retain the original brand influence and facilitate the integration of new brands in the future.


Introducing the already awarded JetPods – the first fruit of our stellar teamwork. JetPods are semi-in-ear earphones that minimize audio degradation and connection lag for a superior listening experience. The ergonomic details provide a stable and comfortable fit for long hours of use.

A minimum of components with modular elements helps to keep costs down while guaranteeing color variability for future models – all encased in an iconic silhouette with seamless operation at an affordable price.