Digitalization of the healthcare system, telehealth apps, and digital assistants will make health more accessible. 

So how do you generate trust in new technologies? How do you reach and improve people's lives with it? Through empathy, design, and collaboration: meet P-Care.

The first tangible solution from TEAMS is the P-Care Robot, created in a one-year collaboration and partnership with F&P Robotics and FN Robotics company.


Today, we live with robots and use them to make our lives easier. However, a new species of "mechanical humans" takes us one step further and appeals to our needs and emotions. As designers, scientists and developers, we create the characters that evoke emotions and interactions similar to interpersonal relationships.


What challenges does a society have to face if humans and machines increasingly interlock and which questions are we leaving unanswered today?

"TEAMS perfectly implemented our client's request to design a warm humanoid robot inspired by the legendary character of Monkey King.

The robot won the award for the most innovative product at the World Robotics Conference 2018."

In loving memory – Dr. Hansruedi Früh, F&P Robotics AG, Managing Director.

China's aging society has increasingly diverse and multi-level needs. "Smart" senior care products have a massive potential in disease prevention and long-term care within the home environment.


In 2017, we got the chance to design a kind, humanoid robot that exudes trust, inspired by the legendary character of Monkey King, for the Chinese Market with our client @&P Personal Robotics.