For a new generation of DIYers, creators and makers, Dremel challenged us to take their brand to the next level.

Showcasing: cordless innovation and versatility, that enable creative autonomy.

The new DIYer

Dremel has always catered to creators who love doing things their way. As a result, their tools need to be ultra-flexible and precise, and they belong in the home just as much as they do in the garage. Our long history in both areas gave us the expertise to develop their sophisticated new brand image.

Cordless empowerment

Bringing precision to hard-to-reach places, we helped the brand attract and empower a new generation of users through cordless freedom. The new lineup reflects a unique space for fine-tuned precision, visually less intimidating than typical power tools and enabling creativity in all areas of life.

Imagining versatility inspires us to make a product that allows users to work without limitations. Cutting the cord is one of many ways we elevate design in a changing world, shaping lives with the tools we trust.