To design a compelling product video, you need to understand a product, its essence and the user thoroughly. Together with Johnson Control Hitachi Cooling & Heating we develop award-winning visual strategies – in motion and sound.

A visual narrative

How do you communicate a compelling design philosophy for a global corporation like JCH? We tell it as stories. Clean air and well-being as a tangible value proposition paired with a design language so purist it blends with any environment. A co-existence in perfect harmony with the human being: the genesis of the Duality campaign. 


A holistic solution results from fully understanding the product, brand and user, exploring possible iterations and finding a balance between elements that were originally in conflict.  



“We are trying to create solutions that work harmoniously in all of the environments that you live in, play in, work in. It is how we take care of the air quality in these spaces.”

Lawrence Chu, Global Director of Product Design and Digital Controls Product Management

Johnson Controls Hitachi Air Conditioning


Making the invisible visible

JCH ensures the well-being of people worldwide through fascinating technology. The special ingredient? Pushing boundaries, seeking new perspectives, taking a different view and starting afresh are qualities that shape our union. With joint forces we're able to translate the benefits of air through emotionally charged product videos.

“The professionalism of TEAMS, the problem solving approach, the great client service and the quality of the work make them the perfect strategic design company. Together we challenged ourselves in different projects and I am very grateful having them on board as a partner instead of a supplier. Thanks for all, TEAMS team!”

Catalina Sánchez Neira, Former Global Branding Marketing Leader

Hitachi Air Conditioning


“Working with them is a real game-changer. TEAMS is not only the best product design agency, but they also manage to design products that speak your brand language.”

Jose Juan Dominguez Frias, Former Global Brand Marketing and Digital Director

HITACHI Cooling & Heating