In the dynamic landscape of innovation across different industries – 

our team has been busy capturing the essence of Asia's latest trends, offering a unique perspective on how healthcare and lifestyle develop. 

Climate control appliances

A new era has dawned upon the Asian market, where interior aesthetics have swiftly risen to the forefront of consumer demands. Air conditioners are emerging as not mere appliances but centerpieces in living spaces - tailored for diverse user profiles – from the high-end sophisticate to the fashion-conscious youth.


Technological progress extends to panels, reshaping materials, forms, and finer details. This revolution intertwines practicality with aesthetics, defining a new era of interior refinement.

Kitchen and bathroom sectors leading innovation

The expo AWE 2023 spotlighted "spatial subtraction" in design, emphasizing integrated cooking centers and efficient combos. Embedded appliances seamlessly blend with décor, saving space while exuding minimalism.


Customization and modular trends surged. Manufacturers focus on textures and colors, letting users personalize appliances to match home style. Societal shifts like "stay at home" lifestyles reshape habits. "Solo dining" and "home office" trends fuel smart small appliances with multi-functionality.

Cleaning appliances

The washing machine philosophy has transformed from 'wash and dry' to 'dry and care,' casting light on appliance value.


Personal care products

Sleek designs and portability are crucial in a world of business travel. Compact, innovative, and travel-ready appliances cater to the needs of modern 'road warriors.'

Outdoor products

Camping's rise drives demand for related products. Brands adapt with interactive displays showcasing portable appliances like outdoor coffee makers and fans. Comfort meets adventure, aligning with changing lifestyles. Industry agility is evident in adapting to evolving consumer needs.

Sabat graphic piece

Moving along from smart homes to smart health. 

According to FortuneBusiness, the global medical devices market size is projected to reach USD 600 billion in 2024, and nearly USD 800 billion by 2030.*

China has solidified its position as the world's second-largest market through impressive growth and global expansion. In the first quarter of 2023, the market saw an increase of nearly 20%, while Chinese medical device manufacturing grew by about a quarter. 

Trends extending beyond China's borders 

The aesthetic aspects of medical device design align with the technological shift towards optimizing medical workflows through automation, robotics, and AI-driven solutions, with a focus on patient-centered care. This progress has also led to increased demand for medical instruments supporting remote monitoring and treatment, along with digitalized management systems that streamline hospital administration.



Pioneering patient empowerment

The bridge to the future is paved with connectivity., driven by increasing healthcare awareness and lifestyle choices.

Home care devices and the growing popularity of wearable medical devices are enabling patients to take and active role in their own well-being by giving them the tools to effectively monitor their own health conditions as well as track their data.