For many automobile industry insiders, the IAA passenger car edition, which was last held in Frankfurt three years ago, represented the breakthrough of the electric car.

The commercial vehicle sector appears to have reached a tipping point in Hanover.

"More than half of all new trucks will be electric by 2035" – McKinsey

The most striking thing about this year's IAA? Innovation en masse in the transport sector, from trucks to buses to light rail systems as well as freight trains. The IAA is now more than just a show for cars – it's become a platform for all modes.

We will see a portfolio of decarbonization solutions in the commercial vehicle industry

From our point of view, most trailers and busses were rather traditional, even with electric powertrains, however now and then, new designs and features could be spotted: the Mercedes Benz Long Haul, the Nikola Tre FCEV, DURACAR, or Big E.

Spotted amongst the futuristic designs: Evetta's latest creation which takes the revival of the 50s Isetta and transforms it into a vehicle.

And of course, we can't forget the VW ID Buzz, which could be seen in different custom variants, showcasing the multifunctionality of their new futuristic design language!

Renault was courageous in developing their Kangoo Hippie Caviar Motel: a fully electric showstopper with its brave and modern use of colors and materials.

Clever design features were also available from Ford

Next-Gen? Hydrogen!

Picture this – transporting emotions