User-driven creation, a splash of color – and a lot of fun for kids.

With STANLEY we conceived a novel thermos product line extending and adapting the brand to a new audience.

The most challenging aspect of designing a product for a specific target group has been retaining the brand values and character while making it suitable for children.

In an intense co-creation process with STANLEY, we devised the perfect hydration companion for kids with "Stan," the bear who loves outdoor hiking and nature as the spirit animal of this collection.
He carries the brand's environmental-friendly practices and visions and encourages them to stay curious and explore the world around them.

A bonding experience

The stainless steel insert in the top lid is replaceable. Children with their parents can personalize and customize bottles by scribbling their signatures or drawing something.
This experience creates an intimate bond between the child, the parents, the brand, and a little thermos bottle.

Autonomy through ergonomy

Our usability research focused on altering the bottle size and the handle to fit little hands - comfortable to grasp and hold onto and easy to drink out of.

The lids come in two design options, an easy-to-use push button for opening and closing, a continuous flow function for adjusting water flow, and different sizes of drinking spouts.
The bottle's side has a handle for easy portability and double insulation technology to withstand all seasons and beverage temperatures.

Making hydration a pattern

We thoroughly considered multiple stakeholders, buyers, and users in the final design and chose fun design elements, safe materials, and approachable colors.
A bottle that kids consider their match can motivate them to develop a regulated drinking habit.