With precise details, clear functions and perfect proportions, 

we have been able to express the high-quality standards of Weishaupt in product design for over 30 years.

Design and architecture in unity

The family-owned company Weishaupt, one of the world market leaders in state-of-the-art heating systems, has relied on our design expertise since 1987. In architecture, the appearance of elements to be integrated into space must meet high demands for design and function.


Inspired by the BAUHAUS tradition, we developed a timeless yet elegant design language.

A unique visual brand language: timeless, yet modern

With a long development phase, the latest series is drastically reduced in appearance, combining the Weishaupt DNA, authentic materials such as the brushed metal details with excellent performance.


Building upon our trustful foundation, we create excellent modern designs for upcoming product generations.

Detail shot head coil
Detail shot head coil
Detail shot head coil
Detail shot head coil

Form follows function – a testimony. The Bauhaus principles has been a natural part of our journey and have been incorporated throughout decades and product ranges.

Mr. Weishaupt Senior's investment and involvement in fine arts and his passion for architecture allowed for a visual silver lining ever since.