Here it is: The latest release is the JS2 Revenant, a glider with a wingspan of 21 meters and capable to launch from an airport with a retractable propeller powered by a 2-stroke engine.

Jonker Sailplanes is a leading manufacturer of sailplanes located in Potchefstroom / South Africa. The vision of this company is not less than “to produce the best gliders in the world.” 

Gliders are the most advanced and efficient aircrafts, much more efficient than any motor-powered aircraft. The reason is that the only energy source during the flight phase is the sun and aerodynamic efficiency decides how fast you can go.


There's no real difference between competitive and recreational flying like in many other sports, or, at least, the gliders are always shaped for best performance. This means if you buy one of the latest releases for your personal flying, you would very likely sit in the same cockpit as racing pilots do. This describes how difficult it is to balance out the behaviour and responsiveness of a modern glider. It has to be configured like a formula 1 racing car while giving a recreational pilot the feedback, comfort, and safety of a luxury limousine.

TEAMS is collaborating with Jonker focusing on color and trim and Interieur elements and the use of corporate elements. In our holistic approach, we determine the touchpoints with the brand and the product and create unique 'hero-moments.' The company's demonstrator takes a special role since this is the most exposed glider and a message to the public. “We want to be recognizable and prominent,” says Uys Jonker, “but of course in a positive way.” 

"We like the approach of TEAMS Design of translating user needs into solutions. We see the collaboration in the long run. Since we are the challenger among the well-established competitors we need to build up our DNA besides the pure performance figures.

In an interdisciplinary process, we determine the areas where we can sharpen our brand values and give our customers unique solutions. TEAMS helps us based on a deep understanding of this very special market."

UYS Jonker, Founder of Jonker Sailplanes

"I have been fascinated with aircrafts for a long time and used to be a glider and general aviation pilot myself. Having touchpoints with the world of gliding makes it definitely easier to understand user needs.

It's the combination of glider and pilot that makes successful flying. Perfect cabin management and ergonomics are essential while flying for hours in a narrow cockpit and keeping the concentration level high."

Klaus Baumgartner, Managing partner of TEAMS