Ranging from basic entry-level devices to sophisticated high-end machines. 

Together with Kärcher’s Corporate Industrial Design Home & Garden Products team, we have developed a comprehensive line of pressure appliances. 

Innovative benefits, driven by creativity and research

Kärcher and TEAMS nourish a trusting partnership for many decades. We have always been – and still are – working within a culture of customer-centric innovation, considering trends, technology, society, markets and their respective desires. Which results in entirely new products with great empathy that highly inspire and add true value – to both, Kärcher and their customers.

Focusing on ergonomics and usability

Especially designed for terrace cleaning tasks and to be pain and weed-free. Some new features are an angled cleaning head, adjustable height or rotating brushes.

Creating the best cleaning experience

Cleaning has become an adventure with increased usability, improved ergonomics, accessory storage, and intelligent cleaning programs. We created the “heroes of everyday life”, and accordingly, people recognize the Kärcher products as powerful, refreshing, straight!

“Definitely one of the coolest things we ever made together with you guys –

always fun and pleasure with TEAMS!”

Michael Meyer
Director Industrial Design Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG

Since our partnership, together, we’ve developed over 200 appliances, bringing both success in the international marketplace and critical acclaim. Kärcher products have won over 100 major awards.