A new pharmaceutical lab unit to accelerate medicinal research efforts.

Our expertise in user experience, realized via our industrial design and user interface services, guided IMA through a process unknown to them and brought a scaled-down technology to market.

Understanding the issue

The team met for an intensive one-day workshop to hash out the technology, constraints, requirements, and user experience. To aid in developing the UX journey properly, we created a full scale, 10ft tall mockup that we could reconfigure to test different user paths.

Informed by the user journey insights, TEAMS developed a bespoke user interface which compliments the new design and designed a more user-centric workflow to guide laboratory scientists through the new Lynfinity technology.

TEAMS and IMA-Life challenged each other with a successful collaboration, creating or consulting on every drawing, wireframe, model, and part of this product.

With the new and intuitive technology at their disposal, research pharmaceutical labs can more quickly iterate life-changing medicine for the needs of today and tomorrow.