Dräger Safety & TEAMS set out to develop the visual language for the entire software ecosystem.

With this project, we not only helped implement a new design system, but we also established processes and methods to build the foundation of their digital portfolio. 

Usability is blue

...is a guiding principle that has decisive influence on the design language of all user interfaces of Dräger Safety. Interactive elements that are of central importance for the respective operating situations are highlighted accordingly. They create a focus which supports the guidance of the user.

Distinctive icon language

Dräger’s visual grammar was our guide to define consistency and also a unique graphic language. We based our icon design on Dräger’s logotype elements. Round borders, solid shapes and bold outlines are the basis of the icon library style.


Finding a good visual balance by avoiding or eliminating extreme complexity was key. User-testing the important elements of the icons ensured our design proposals were perfectly suiting the target environment of fast-response emergencies, where time is a crucial factor in safety and medical procedures.

Accessible system for designers, developers - Humans

The system was designed to meet the needs of stakeholders involved in the development of UIs so that they are properly utilized. The system includes various settings, libraries, and coded components, resulting in a professional, effective solution with adept use of various design elements, such as color, font, signals, icons, and sound.

Design language experience

The design language is characterized by primary brand elements (in addition to font, color, icons, etc.) which must be integrated into every application.  In addition, a flexible mental model of the software was developed, offering different information architectures and interaction points in order to achieve consistent user experience over all applications.

Cross-platform user experience

The main goal of the design system is to create UIs that ensure the safety of user groups and support them in both everyday work scenarios and life-threatening situations. 

25+ applications. Desktop, mobile and embedded – 

A design system that reflects a powerful brand language

Through the digital transformation of processes, there is great potential in saving costs by working more reliably and efficiently at the same time.

With Dräger, we find and extract these potentials to create the tools of tomorrow that are part of the digital revolution.