With Stryker, our goal was to advance healthcare safety and improve the overall user experience.

The TruRize® clinical chair has proven to be a perennial favorite in the medical industry.

Stepping back into normality

Recovery is a process. Patient immobility for an extended period may harm their rehabilitation and general health.

With Stryker, we researched how everyone involved interacts with seating and beds in hospitals and why.


With our holisitc design approach, we improved overall comfort and safety for the patient, all while simplifying the work process for the staff. 

female designer sketches a nursing chair during a live workshop

"We are committed to providing innovative solutions for the American market and beyond.

With six positions, height adjustability, and an easy-to-use interface, the TruRize® enables caregivers to mobilize patients confidently."

Andreas Bell, President at TEAMS Chicago.

Uniting different needs with UX


We took a comprehensive deep dive, involving everyone from nurses to doctors to patients. Other stakeholders, such as hospitals and interior architects, influence medical product development: efficiency, profitability, hospital layout and investment cost are all criteria that we had to consider. By analyzing their needs and understanding the workflow, we addressed both the obvious – and hidden problems and discovered opportunities for improvement.

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