By embracing the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0, we were able to craft a design language

that not only resonates with Schuler's target audience but also positions them in the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

An engaging brand experience 

With Schuler, the world’s market leader in capital goods for metal and plastic forming, we developed a holistic visual brand language that embodies their values and qualities within their product portfolio by conducting roadmap planning, UX research, and technology research to capture the diversity their product range and gain insights into competitors and brand strategies. 


As an interdisciplinary team with Schuler, we tested and ensured the technical feasibility and anticipated costs. Our international experience helped synthesize various design directions from our studios, offering a broader design concept accordingly.

Design with high recognition at all levels

Defining and consolidating the overarching design principles of the visual brand language into a comprehensive style guide, it will serve as the foundation for all future product developments within a new digital environment - demonstrating Schuler's professionalism, performance, and most recent technological innovation.


Detail shot head coil
Detail shot head coil