For the past ten years, bicycles have been increasingly electrified. They are no longer just a sports device but an equally important means to our urban and sustainable mobility.

Enjoy our highlights and takeaways from Eurobike 2022.

Urban mobility is still hitting the sweet spot with new e-bikes.

Out with the old: cars and vans take up too much urban space.
In with the new: more diverse bike representation in cities.


If you gear up on easy handling, smaller batteries, hidden systems, miniature displays, and smartphone adaptability...


... you reach a new level of electrified bikes that are sleeker, slimmer, lighter, and straightforward. 


Soon e-bikes will no longer be distinguishable from traditional bicycles. Instead, a broader approach focusing on the riding experience and convenience at the center of the concept will find a more fruitful spin-off: appealing to and resonating with new target groups. 


Highlighting the riding experience has become a vital part of new product developments instead of endlessly optimizing and tweaking technical details. We loved the recharged idea of the prevailing e-bike image! Ride on!



Booming business: cargo & freight bikes

Unprecedented expansion, with a designated exhibition hall. The evolution to a multipurpose allrounder designed for shopping, children, parcels, moving locations, and deliveries is going strong. 

Cargo bikes will be omnipresent in the upcoming years when completing the "very last mile" of hitting the streets and making delivery vans redundant. We're excited to see if cargo & freight bikes could soon become an alternative to a car for humans in the city – by delivering both style and sustainability and, most importantly, safety.


An expanding and exciting trend is e-cycling and indoor cycling in the privacy of your own four walls – and beyond that: into the virtual space.


The cleverly used suspension in the set-up emits an immersive experience, which includes moving handlebars, and a bike that shifts from side to side, simulating the real deal.


Hub dynamos and more unique features are now available, charging your cell phone during the ride has never been this rewarding.

Bright unique lights and passive safety through brake lights.

Sabat graphic piece

Outshining the competition: supernova showcased their new model – 10 times brighter and pulsates during abrupt braking or a full emergency brake.

The tire recycling system by Schwalbe: a world premiere.

According to Schwalbe, they are the very first bicycle tire manufacturer to create a comprehensive system for recycling bicycle tires. The Technical University of Cologne and Pyrum Innovations worked together to collect, shred, and reuse old tires for new Schwalbe products. Up to 80% of CO2 emissions are expected to be avoided during the procedure.

New roads lead to beautiful destinations

Bike PROJECT:ride green is a sustainability initiative among various manufacturers which aims to create the most environmentally friendly bike. With the unveiling of the prototype, the ride green campaign has reached its final form. The frame made with a 3D printer is the focal point (design and development by Canyon). The potentially trailblazing concept reflects beautifully upon the outstanding recyclability in terms of sustainability.

Game-changing improvements in performance. MAGURA ABS Components and Bosch eBike ABS.

Last but not least: our collection of eccentric, inventive and unique products and companies that have brightened up our visit.

Something you won't see on the shelves – Dangerholm's tuned XC machine with only 9,19kg. He polished the spokes for 2 days!

Bosch eBike Systems displayed their "eBike Design Vision"

Showing off the progress of component integration. The direction for what the future of pedelec design has in store for all of us is exciting and sleek!

Champion's bike from N1no Schurter. XCO World Champion 2021.

Around since the 80's and it just keeps getting better and better

High strength, resilience, and durability have been systematically enhanced with a carbon fiber architecture. It is molded as a single unit to provide a flawless, light-weight monocoque with precise alignment.

A gorgeous herringbone pattern created by meticulous fiber placement: looks amazing on any bike.

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