In the field of dental hygiene, intuitive user interfaces are crucial. In 2015, we created the Dentsply Sirona brand's first digital design language

- still contemporary, aesthetic, and functional today. 

Everything runs like a charm

Time is everything. For devices to function efficiently, menu structures must be logically structured.
Especially when it comes to dentists and dental hygiene, every single work step must be intuitive. Devices that are awkward to use can significantly slow down the workflow. Throughout a workday in the dental industry, those wasted seconds lead to countless minutes – precious working time for dentists, dental hygienists, and prophylactic assistants.

The digital transformation of dental technology

The touchscreen technology of the Cavitron TouchTM Ultrasound Scaling system is an impressive example of technological progress that is precisely tailored to users' needs. A user-friendly device that sets new standards in the areas of optics, haptics and interaction and offers both the practitioner and the patient a high level of comfort, shorter treatment times and less stress.