A fascinating design language tells a story about how a company came to be and how it connects with its users.

In 2007, Electro-Voice decided that their audio equipment was in need of a revamp, so they partnered with us to reinject their roots into their language.

In developing an even stronger connection to its demographic of amateur and working musicians, Electro-Voice wanted to create even better sound paired with a bolder look.
Since EV's clients were passionate experts themselves, it opened the door for a more extensive discussion about moving the brand forward with a spot-on design that elevated their fans to music stardom.



A unifying theme

Inspired by the very elements that give birth to the speakers' sounds, we sought a language that was true to its component materials on the product's outside and inside: a design language of strength and purpose. We found plenty of design cues that would communicate EV's attributes on a variety of products accordingly: 


Matte black grill echoes the running pattern of a wall of brick masonry; the new cast metal badge has a titanium finish and structural elements like rolled steel joists.

We left nothing to chance and meticulously selected every detail: the placement of the logo, the particular finishes to be used, and other design elements that made the ZLX so successful.


A story of brand-wide success

The accolades began to pour in as soon as the ZLX made its public debut in 2013. The music press named it Best of Show at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) trade show, and other honors such as the iF Design Award followed suit. It moved up to a best-seller for more than a year.


EV's subsequent releases — the ETX and EKX — have been a solid follow-up to the impressive precedent set by the ZLX, drawing on the same compelling design language. These lines, which won NAMM Best of Show in 2014 and 2015, have helped Electro-Voice win that prestigious award for the third year in a row.