A global user experience paved the way for us to describe the relationship between brand, product and user.

It was the perfect stage for us to use our design empathy methods to define the emotional essence of the sustainable product lines.

Global call for participation

When Bob Marley’s family described their vision of a brand that would recapture their late father’s image and what he stood for – we were thrilled.


We turned to our studios in the U.S., Europe and China to gather different cultural perspectives for the upcoming challenge, which had a tight schedule. We became one with the Marley universe and soaked up all available information – music, biography, interviews and live concerts.




Sustainability approach

TEAMS helped House of Marley launch its audio line, offering three audio collections tailored to distinct consumers: the high-end Destiny Collection, young-gen Jammin’ Collection, and the Freedom Collection for everybody that fell in between.


Through our transnational research efforts, we were able to materialize products that not only differentiated themselves from the competition in functional attributes, but a wholesome brand that would transcend time.


We centered our approach on eco-friendly and natural materials, a shared experience across cultures to instill the authentic Marley mindset. We minimalized the environmental footprint by using FSC-certified wood, recycled plastic, and recyclable aluminum resources. 

Foundation for future expansion

In 2010, House of Marley threw the initial launch celebration at Chicago's House of Blues. Bob Marley’s children, Rohan and Cedella, were ready to debut the product lines, while Damian, Julian, and Stephen treated the audience to a performance. We not only created an audio brand, but offered directional tools that would continue to control the course of their growth in accordance with their idealistic perspective for the future of their company.

The results speak for themselves: not only did we differentiate the brand in functional attributes, we also gave it a very apparent soul. The brand continues to expand its followers and has built a long-lasting foundation based on emotions that will well outlive its more superficial competitors, just like Bob Marley himself.