the value of design

Companies for which design is a strategic resource rather than only an aesthetic feature increase their products’ chances of success.

Given the rapid rise in consumer expectations, brands need products that transverse hardware, software, and experience.

*The dmi:Design Value Index, tracks the value of a portfolio of publicly traded companies that meet specific design management criteria. 


*The Standard and Poor's 500 is a stock market index tracking the stock performance of 500 large companies listed on exchanges in the United States.


(c) 2016 The Design Management Institute.

Performance of selected US publicly held design-led companies. From 2005 – 2015, the design-led companies outperformed the overall S&P 500 Index by 211%!

competitive advantage

The power of TEAMS.

Design is an essential economic aspect of successful businesses.
Why? Because of us. Users are well-networked players who expect tailor-made solutions to be promptly delivered with the best quality service — digital, immediate, intuitive, high-performing, secure, and without additional costs.

From start to finish. We accompany you holistically.

Through our adaptive design process, we are able to respond to the individual requirements of our customers and their undertakings, providing them with advice and at the same time supporting them effectively.

The unity of physical and digital as a joint process.

Expectations have changed dramatically, and the user's perspective has become integral to successful solutions. A digital connection to a physical product equals infinite new possibilities and a whole new dimension of development, a shift to a phygital, interactive ecosystem uniting all touchpoints.

holistic approach

Three factors to boost your business with digital products.

1. Design for People

UX Methods

Know your audience. User centric innovation needs knowledge about user needs, values, motivations, abilities and limitations. UX Design is a strategic business tool.

2. Design for Technology

Feasibility & Development

Bring ideas to life. Simulate, test and evaluate before building. Design and feasibility must be tied. Our prototyping and pre-development skills allow us to evaluate ideas & concepts before the point of no return.

3. Design for Business

Profitability & Customer Value

Allow design to help shape business strategy. Design strategy is where what’s valuable for customers, and what’s profitable for businesses merges. A good strategy will give your business a competitive advantage and a boost in innovation.

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