our philosophy

We call it integrated design workflow.

Workshop at TEAMS Hamburg

Our approach is to understand and perfect our clients' workflows by merging our expertise with theirs. Through our design processes, we are able to respond to the individual needs of our customers and their projects, providing them with advice and at the same time support them effectively.


what we do

Translating brand values into meaningful experiences and interaction with technology.

At TEAMS, we stand for individual and specific digital solutions with the highest standards of usability and design. We are here to set detailed strategies and to make an impact through digital solutions.


Understand what is necessary through empathy.

User Experience Design


Create successful digital products for the future.

Digital Product Strategy

Simulate, test, and evaluate concepts.

Digital Prototyping

Emotionally charge interactions between people & brands.

Branded Interaction Design

Make machines & devices accessible for humans.

User Interface Design

Create a set of design principles adoptable for designers and developers.

Design Systems

getting started

What is your motivation?

Every customer and every project has unique requirements. What are yours? Let's find out. At TEAMS, we believe that the best solutions come from collaborative work, that's why we do not work for, but with our customers.

1. Establish principles of cooperation and goals.

By creating a detailed briefing in an initial strategic workshop, we can jointly plan the entire project and define the scope of tasks.

2. Comprehend and evaluate the situation.

An empathic view of the user's needs and expectations is taken with a user journey to meet and satisfy their needs.

3. Define a shared product vision.

A product vision helps the project team align and focus on a common goal. Emphasizing one or more scenarios conveys the main functions, the context of use, and the look & feel of the software.

meet the team

Digital Culture

For us, it is all about design, new and better-working methods, exciting projects, our collective digital transformation, and inspiration. We motivate and educate ourselves, discuss, and improve our working world, all while having fun doing so.

"As designers, we strive to create unforgettable experiences and functional, accessible solutions by adopting an empathetic approach and asking the right questions."



"Every distinctive design starts with an even better story."



"Mixing code and design is challenging, but always very rewarding. Keeps my mind constantly engaged and I find that awesome."



"My aim is to transform the complexity of ideas into tangible and satisfying digital experiences."



"Making people's lives and workplaces safer, healthier, frictionless and enjoyable is a purposeful task. I’m proud to be part of a team that is dedicated to it!"



"A brilliant concept is worthless without proper implementation.
Working within this team is great fun. Awesome people deliver extraordinary results, from uncovering user needs and storytelling to the final UI."




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