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We embody brands within products.

Product Design

Product Design

Physical Objects are the Eye of the Needle

Any evolutionary step displays the sum of all knowledge and experience a species has collected throughout millions of years.

Concerning artificial objects, we do not just collect, but bring emotional and technical content into the best possible shape. And just as our ideal, we constantly perform with an aim to improve every step of our processes and execution.

Product Design

Our vast experience in developing great physical experiences allow us a wide range of methods in order to embody and materialize brands in meaningful design.

User Experience Analysis
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We know how to decipher user needs, draw precise conclusions & take research from functional to fascinating.

Product Storytelling
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We see products as the voice of a brand, and develop compelling stories based on research & brand insights.

Visual Brand Language
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We help brands speak though their products by shaping globally-recognized product portfolio languages.

2D / 3D Concept
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We bring ideas & concepts to life through our iterative Live, 2D & 3D concepting sketch techniques.

Product Engineering

Our competencies in Product Design allow us a wide range of methods in order to embody and materialize brands through products.

Material & Tech Research
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We inspire through leveraging new material, technology and manufacturing innovations

Innovation Engineering
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We approach the future from all sides, exploring innovative new ways to produce products more efficiently.

End-to-End Realization
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We are serious engineers turning imagination into reality. We believe only realized ideas are good ideas.

Prototyping & User-Testing
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We know that only one knows best: the user. So we integrate users in every step of product development.

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