Are you in need of an injection of fresh, innovative ideas or a new spin on product development? Do you need your products to be engineered tool ready? Is your deadline close? Are your engineering capacities running low?

Research, analyze, optimize, realize. We'll keep your project on track.

Selected projects

A new generation of firefighting equipment:

Dräger HPS® Safeguard

Product Design, Ergonomic Optimizations, 3D CAD freeform Surface Engineering of the helmet shell, 3D CAD Engineering of accessories.

Light emission is communication:

Dräger REGARD® 3000

Development of the light guide hardware, ray calculation, distinct signaling patterns for status indication.

Ergonomic Joystic for STILL

Perfect the user experience:

STILL forklift joysticks

Realization of entire products or product systems including pre-development, 3D CAD freeform surface engineering, ergonomic studies, feasibility of the design and high-fidelity prototyping.

ETSO certified and ready for take off:

Autoflug FLYWEIGHT® 

Implementation of a contemporary design language, 3D CAD freeform surface engineering, lightweight, shockproof, for civil helicopter seats and a modular design system with various upholstery options and additional accessories.

Modularity, customization:

SKS Germany Infinity

Pre-development and design realization of a modular rack system for bike manufacturers with small bike series.

Bringing new concepts to life:

Dometic RMD 10

Innovative design and pre-development concepts for a double-hinged fridge door.

Decades of realization:


Product design, ergonomic optimizations, 3D CAD freeform surface engineering.

Minimal size with maximum interaction:


Ergonomic Studies, Product Design, Predevelopment, 3D CAD and Design Surfacing.

Are the proportions right? What does technology and materials research say? What is the overall impression?

From a simple foam model for a rough initial shape assessment to a sophisticated high-end version, we do it all.

Innovative pre-development, practical research tools, and optimal CAD strategies significantly shorten development times and time-to-market. With simple hands-on prototypes, you intuitively create new ideas. Quick rapid prototyping parts from CAD data give you reliable feedback. Sophisticated 3D CAD engineering of A-class freeform surfaces transforms the design intent into tool-ready data. High-fidelity prototypes support you in customer surveys, convince your decision-makers and excite the audience with a tangible solution at trade shows.

Innovation engineering

Innovation Engineering:

High-level ideas first.


Creative engineering

Maker lab

Co-creation workshops

Production Engineering:

Technical expertise required.

Mechanical Engineering

Light guide & illumination development

Producibility & production consulting

End-to-end realization

Engineering Research:

An answer to every question.

Technology research

Material research

Production methodology


Engineering research

3D Surface Engineering:

Shaping design concepts into actionable requirements.

3D CAD native Creo Parametric


3D CAD native Catia V.5

3D CAD native SolidWorks

All standard export formats: STEP, X-T, IGES

Engineering research


Let's get physical.

Inhouse model shop

CNC and rapid prototyping options

Low and high fidelity prototyping

Ergonomic prototypes

Light guide and illumination prototypes

Digital prototypes (AR/VR,UI)

Works like and looks like prototypes

With simple hands-on-protoypes, you intuitively create new ideas. Quick rapid prototyping parts from CAD data give you reliable feedback. 

High-fidelity prototypes support you at customer surveys, convince your decision-makers and excite the audience on trade shows.