Transmuting USPs into a bold brand and communication manual representing freedom of musical choice, identity, and expression.

Founded in 2016, Sabbat devoted itself to the design and development of wireless Bluetooth earphones.
Sabat graphic piece

For leaders, not followers


Here at TEAMS we are convinced that we as designers are storytellers, visual poets. We use shapes, materials, and colors instead of words to create visually compelling stories centered directly on the target group. Generation Z demands brands to evolve their narratives: they are leaders, not followers and together with SABBAT we wanted to celebrate them accordingly.

We chose a hybrid brand setup to deal with the relationship between the Sabbat Jetpods and a new experience for the parent brand. This way, the brand is able to retain the original brand influence and facilitate the integration of new brands in the future.


We are excited to share more sneak peeks on this outstandingly bold brand campaign with you soon!