Developing a cohesive platform strategy for Kalkhoff Bikes, Europe’s leading bicycle manufacturer, it was not the question of designing one product but a product family DNA.

The biggest challenge? A design platform that works for all models whilst keeping the styling attractive across all segments. The standardization of essential components helped to cut the high cost of customization effectively when we designed the framework used in the Entice, Endeavor and Image models.

E-trekking versatility is key

From holiday tours to mundane everyday commutes: the design elements adapt to any occasion without compromising the Kalkhoff-aesthetics.

From premium to fundamentals

The premium lines excel by exclusive features, optimal comfort, and a fashionable appearance. The platform strategy with distinctive Kalkhoff-aesthetics, frame-integrated batteries and cable routing makes any Kalkhoff bike a distinctive ride.

“For us, TEAMS was a crucial factor into understanding a clear, overarching design language. With a clear eye for user experience and overall aesthetic, their guidance allowed us to progress in the right way.”

Tammo König, Director of Product Kalkhoff Bikes, a Derby Cycle brand