The Lorch AP900 helmet provides optimal protection for the welder

paired with an emotional, exciting design.

Our mission? A helmet design that the end user – the welder – can identify with, a visage for everyday work in harsh conditions.

Essentially, a helmet reflects the welder's personal style and other workwear and is part of his equipment. Lorch's goal was to establish a remarkable user-product bond that would inspire brand loyalty in this regard.


We drew inspiration from fun sports to science fiction in order to emotionally charge the product. Starting with various aspects of protective clothing, such as motorcycle helmets, gas masks, and character designs in movies and video games, we used sketches to develop a wide range of possible concepts.

In a close collaborative workshop with our client Lorch, we evaluated these and channeled them into three design directions that also convey the brand essence and support their vision.


Unlike the protective shield you hold with your hand, welding helmets are a "hands-free" solution, providing filtered, fresh air, all while protecting your eyes and face.

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